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Two Legislative Issues Need Your Attention Today

Contact Your Senator Today; Ask Your Senator to Vote YES on SB 5096, Capital Gains Tax, Tomorrow Morning

The Capital Gains Tax, SB 5096, will be voted on by the Senate tomorrow, Saturday, March 6.  It remains controversial, with those who say “no new taxes” in opposition.  Please reinforce those who support it and let those opposed know you care by sending this email to your Senator.

Tell your Senator how important it is that they generate new revenue in a way that is fair, with a tax only applied to those who can afford to pay it.  If passed, SB 5096 would shift the current upside-down tax structure.  It would generate over $1 billion annually from individuals in the top one percent income level.  It would not apply to average Washingtonians, because the threshold at which it would apply (over $250,000) and the exemptions for residences, retirement accounts and many other elements protect them from having to pay.

Please contact your Senator today so he/she knows before tomorrow’s vote that you support this measure.

Contact Your Legislators Today; Ask Them to Commit to Supporting SB 5182, Eliminating Advisory Votes

SB 5182 would remove advisory votes from the ballot. They create voter confusion and discouragement, and often leave voters feeling so overwhelmed that they do not vote the entire ballot. The advisory votes are misleading to voters, because they are about decisions that have already been made.  They add significantly to the costs of elections and voters are not informed about them because reliable information is virtually impossible to find. 

This bill must pass the Senate by Tuesday and it's important for Senators to know there is also support for this in the House.  Send this email now!

Thank you for supporting the League’s positions at the State Legislature.