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The Clean Fuel Standard Needs Your Attention Today

Contact Your Senator Today; Ask for Their Support on HB 1091

Action Alert! The Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) for Washington, HB 1091, needs your help for passage in the legislature. It passed the House 52 to 46 and Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee 7 to 6. It now awaits a hearing and vote  in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. The CFS will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, a critical step in meeting the State’s goals of net zero emissions by 2050.

Additionally, the State Energy Strategy for 2021 identified adoption of a CFS as a key action in the deep decarbonization process, a comprehensive mechanism to replace fossil fuels with electricity, hydrogen and clean synthetic or biogenic fuels.

We need your targeted action at this critical step in the process. 

Please send a message to your Senator as soon as possible with this Action Alert. 

Thank you for supporting the League’s positions at the State Legislature.