Year End Appeal

When Search was founded 30 years ago, we had 2 employees, a handful of supporters, and a minuscule budget.
2012 Today, with more than 600 employees, we work in 30 countries around the world - places like the Congo, Yemen, and Nepal. 

The same hope still drives us - to build sustainable peace.

What will 2042 look like?

Our world faces unprecedented challenges in the next 30 years. Our conflicts - economic, ethnic, and environmental - are too complex to be solved from a win-lose approach; we have to work together.

You can change the shape of the future.  This December, our goal is to raise $90,000 – that’s $3,000 every day! That’s what we need to start building peace in 2 new countries.  Let's make violence unthinkable by 2042.


Your gift today is worth up to 500 times that amount over the next 30 years.

That’s because we can leverage your seed money to get grants from governments and foundations once our work gets started in a new place.

$30 = $15,000
$300 = $150,000
$3000 = $1.5 million


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