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Dear Home Performance Program Contractors:


Thank you for attending the SMUD Contractor Meeting on June 11, 2014.  We were thrilled to share the latest program updates and contractor resources with you as we enter the busy summer season, including the following new measures and rebate increases:


       ·   Heat-pump mini-split system: $250 per indoor unit up to $1,000 (only currently available under HPP)

       ·   Whole house fan: $150 per fan rated for ≥ 1,000 CFM

       ·   Attic floor insulation/air sealing: Increased rebate value from $60 to $100 for every 100 sq. ft. of attic floor space 

          for air sealing and new insulation

       ·   Heat-pump water heater: Increased rebate from $650 to $1000 for heat-pump water heaters


Turn your completed mini-split jobs into HPP projects: If you installed a mini-split system since January 1, 2014, and your customer can now be converted to doing the rest of the mandatory HPP measures, SMUD will honor that mini-split install as part of the HPP project. (Please find the new Mini-Split System: Quick Guide for Homeowners here.)


We are here to support you.

Let’s make this a great summer for HPP!


Did you miss the meeting? For those of you who were not able to attend the meeting, you can find meeting information posted on the cbpca-hpp.org website or:

·   Meeting video: click here. 

·   Meeting presentation slides: click here.

·   Updated JRT: click here. 

·   JRT downloadable instructions: click here. 

·   Updated HPP Contractor Handbook: click here. 


For more questions or comments, please email Moe Srifi at moe@efficiencyfirstca.org or call (510) 788-0463.

Efficiency First California • 1000 Broadway, Suite 435 • Oakland, CA • 94607 • 1-888-352-2722

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