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News from the September Contractor Meeting:
Job Submission Is Easier than Ever

SMUD is committed to contractor success by supporting customers and contractors with a new easier-to-use job submission process. As of September 17, the HPP job submission process no longer requires a test-in.


Now you can plan your project with a walk-through audit, start work immediately when the customer is ready, and provide your JRT information whenever is convenient within two weeks of starting work. Long story short, we no longer need to review your pre-upgrade data and documents. As a result, “Authorized to Proceed” is no longer a job submission process step. Contractors simply need to submit the JRT and receive “Project Received” notification that a job is reserved for rebate.


Pre-upgrade air-infiltration and duct leakage details will be set to defaults and all other pre-upgrade conditions must be documented within the JRT. Reminder, SMUD HPP expects all project test-out data will be provided once a job is completed (including air-infiltration and duct leakage). Review the new job submission process and reach out to SMUD, BKi, Efficiency First CA, or TRC with any questions or comments.



With CAEAFTA loans ending October 1, 2014, SMUD’s got your back.
Take a look at 3 new financing programs for home performance contractors.

Before we jump to the new programs, remember if you are applying for CAEAFTA financing under the soon to end program, you must meet these deadlines:


                  ·    The loan application must be received by SMUD no later than October 1, 2014

                  ·   The financed project must be completed before December 1, 2014.


If your projects cannot meet the CAEAFTA deadlines, SMUD has three new programs to help finance new projects!

SMUD Home Performance Financing Program

Interest Rate – 6.99%

Loan Amount – up to $30,000

Term – 15 years (lower monthly payments!)

Application Fee - $0


The SMUD HPP Financing Program is designed to help home performance contractors finance energy efficiency retrofits for their customers. Based on feedback from participants, the loan term is now 15 years, helping customers with lower monthly payments. And with up to $30,000 available to customers with decent credit, (680 OOC/ 700 Non-OOC FICO score), the program can finance even the comprehensive home performance scopes. The same underwriting criteria as CAEAFTA Loans will apply to the HPP Financing Program. This program starts October 1, 2014, meaning you will be able help customers to finance home performance retrofits throughout the rest of 2014 and beyond.

SMUD’s financing department is available from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Call 916-732-5472 to speak with a specialist today!


The SMUD Home Performance Innovates Again. See What’s New:

Home Performance jobs:

Thanks to the Sacramento home performance professionals, the SMUD program is poised to reach 2,000 total projects by the close of 2014! This is a major achievement and sets the SMUD HPP as an established leader in innovative home performance programs throughout the state and nation.

Contractor rules and subsidies:

SMUD is no longer requiring contractors to name SMUD as additionally insured.  We will no longer be requesting insurance documentation from contractors.  Please ask your agent to stop sending renewal information to SMUD.

Reminder: Assessment subsidy ends December 31, 2014:

SMUD is sun-setting the energy assessment subsidy as of December 31, 2014. SMUD will honor assessment subsidies received as long as the 30-day expiration period has not passed (30 days from the time the customer received the full test in report).

HPP New Measures!

SMUD will make the following updates to the Home Performance Rebate menu to make the program easier for contractors and more valuable for customers:


  1.   Multi-measure bonus ($300!) – Customers can receive a bonus incentive if the upgrade includes 5 or more measures. This is a change from the original 6-measure threshold. Get your customers the best comfort and performance at home with additional money to help install the upgrades with the five measure bonus!

  2.   Simple project scopes are valuable too – As one example, attic insulation and duct sealing counts as two measures in both the SMUD Home Performance Program and PG&E Home Upgrade program. Offer your customers the ease of basic home performance with an attractive incentive – Up to $2,900 is available in incentives when you apply through both programs!

   3.   Pool Pumps (up to $400 available with easier rules) – SMUD understands that contractors often work in teams to include specialized contractor tradespeople for various aspects of an upgrade. HPP contractors can now offer customers the Pool Pump rebate in a variety of ways:

          a.   Your customer hires a certified pool pump professional (or has one they already work with to maintain their home pools)

          b.  You subcontract a certified pool pump installer

          c.   Your staff is pool pump certified and installs the upgrade


Did you miss the meeting?

For those of you who were not able to attend the meeting, the details and materials are available on-demand through the program website:

               ·     Contractor meeting video: available here (YouTube)

               ·    Program Updates (Jim Mills): available here (PDF)

               ·    Job Submission Process Updates (Rebecca Brown): available here (PDF)

               ·    Energy Efficiency Loans Programs (Van Mattison): available here (PDF)

               ·    Mentoring Process Information (Moe Srifi): available here (PDF)

               ·    Program Update Review (Chris Cone): available here (PDF)

               ·    Contractor Handbook (updated 7/11/14): available here (PDF)

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