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 New Job Reporting Template (JRT) With Three New Rebates

 Be sure to use the newest JRT for any new HPP projects. There are three new measures that now qualify for  rebates:

  • Vapor Barrier: Install a 6 MIL vapor barrier over the entire crawlspace floor and receive a $100 rebate.
  • HVAC Airflow Bonus: Improve measured airflow across the evaporator coil to 400 cfm/ton and receive a $400 rebate. Improve it to 450 cfm/ton and get a $450 rebate. (Tonnage is based on the AC condenser).
  • Duct Sealing: Receive an additional $100 rebate for sealing the second existing duct system. ($250 for the first system, $350 max, and $700 for electric heater).

 The newest JRTs can be downloaded from the usually place: http://cbpca-hpp.org/library/#jobsubmissions


 Pool Pump Replacement and the Home Performance Program

 SMUD has two pool pump rebates processes. One is under the stand alone equipment efficiency program, and  the other is under the Home Performance Program (HPP). Both programs are replacing single or two speed  pumps with Variable speed units. There are some differences between the two programs that HPP contractors  should be aware of, especially if you work with a pool pump installer that also works under SMUD’s standalone  pool pump replacement program.

 In the standalone program the installer is paid directly from SMUD $200. Under the HPP the rebate ($250-$400)  will only be paid to the homeowner or HPP contractor (if assigned by home owner). SMUD will not pay the  installer $200 if the project was part of the HPP. Installers may not understand the difference between the two  programs. For those of you who would like to take advantage of HPP pool pump upgrade, you can subcontract  pool pump installation to one of the pool pump installers on this LIST.


 PG&E’s Home Upgrade Program’s Maximum Rebate Increased by $500!

 Now you can leverage an additional $500 by participating in both the Home Upgrade (HU) program through  PG&E and SMUD’s Home Performance program (HPP). This applies to homes that purchase natural gas from  PG&E. Remember, HU pays rebates for installing three or more measures from a flexible menu.

 Contractors and customers can earn up to $3000 (was $2500) from HU and up to $5000 from HPP for using  the same scope of work. There are hundreds of possible combinations of features where a rebate will be paid  from both programs. The following is just one example for a typical 1800 square foot house.



 New Quick Guide for Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs)

 ECMs are a great way to help improve air handler performance and have been shown to result in improved  airflow and reduced fan power consumption in many systems, however, they are not appropriate for all  situations. Field studies have shown that when installed in a system with drastically undersized ducts, the  advantage over regular permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors is reduced substantially. Check out SMUD’s  new quick guide on this subject, which can be downloaded HERE.


 For more information on any of the topics in this newsletter, please contact Jim Mills, SMUD’s Home  Performance Program Manager; james.mills@smud.org, (916) 732-6798. You can also reach out to Moe Srifi  at moe@efficiencyfirstca.org or call (510) 926-8058.


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