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Please Provide Us with Homeowner’s E-mail Addresses

Please remember to include each of your HPP participating customer’s email address on the JRT and/or on Vision portal under premise contact info. This will allow us to send each one of your customer an automated Thank-you letter of participation, including a survey link, to capture any comments or feedback they may have. This will help us improve any areas of our program that may need improvement and make SMUD HPP even sexier and more amazing than ever.

Meeting ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation Requirements with Bathroom Fans

One of the ways to meet the ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation requirements for the SMUD HPP program is to use bathroom exhaust fans.  ASHRAE 62.2 can be met using either continuous or intermittent fan strategies.  When running continuously, the minimum airflow is much lower.  One of the most common methods to us is a continuously operating bathroom fan running at or near the minimum continuous rate.  If the continuous rate is not adequate to serve the spot ventilation requirements, then a dual speed fan can be used.  These have a low continuous speed and a higher “as needed” speed that can exhaust moisture and odors at a much more effective rate than the low speed.

There are many new fans on the market that are designed specifically for this application.  Make sure that the one you select is rated for continuous operation.  There are many useful control features that can help enhance their effectiveness and energy efficiency.  One nice feature showing up on new fans is a variable speed setting on the low speed so that you are not over-ventilating.  Don’t forget to label the fan as being for whole house ventilation purposes. No specific wording is mandated, but the wording needs to make clear what the control is for and the importance of operating the system. This may be as simple as “Ventilation Control” or might include wording such as “Operate whenever the house is in use” or “Keep on except when gone over 7 days”.

A New Quick Guide is Available:  Improving Airflow in Central AC Systems

In the SMUD Home Performance Program (HPP) rebates are paid for improving airflow to 400 cfm per ton and 450 cfm per ton (based on the tonnage of the condenser).  Download the new quick guide for tips on how to improve airflow and get these rebates.  The quick guide can be downloaded HERE.

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