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Dear SMUD Home Performance Program Participating Contractors,

Please review and share with your team the following updates and reminders:

SMUD HPP change to the attic insulation tiers
We have made a change to the attic insulation tiers on the menu of the JRT. Starting June 6, SMUD HPP will offer three attic insulation tiers instead of four. Tier one and two will remain the same. The starting point for tier three is now the same as tier one and two, existing insulation level at or below R-29 and the rebate amount will be $15 for every 100 sqft with a maximum of $1,000 per project. Tier three allows the re-use of uncontaminated existing insulation. Tier four will no longer be available. To access the new JRT, please click HERE. We encourage all contractors to prioritize utilizing tier one and two for the attic insulation upgrade, as that is the basis of true home performance.
Desktop review Feedback to all HPP Contractors
We are still seeing few discrepancies on the HPP document submissions:
  • To qualify for the Deep Buried Duct incentive, be sure to submit all required photos listed under The Deep Buried Duct Protocol, which can be found here: http://cbpcahpp.org/wpcontent/uploads/2013/05/SMUDHPP_DeepBuriedDuctProtocol_2013-0514.pdf.
  • Note that the cost of home performance measures is NOT the same as the rebate amount as some of you have indicated in the JRT on the JobInfo tab. The total cost of the home performance measures is the total cost of the project, which must be included by each contractor on the JobInfo tab. The total rebate amount is indicated on the menu tab of the JRT after each measure to-be-upgraded has been selected. 
  • Remember to fill out all of the required fields in the JRT and if you are unclear or confused, please contact Moe at moe@efficiencyfirstca.org or call 510 926 8058.
Knob & Tube reminder 
Please remember that old homes may have Knob & Tube electrical wiring in the attic.  SMUD does not accept any projects within the HPP if the homeowner refuses to update the wiring, because insulating the attic is a requirement of the HPP. Ascertain the presence of Knob & Tube up front, so that you can manage the expectations of the customer.  Moving forward with a project that turns out to have Knob & Tube will not be recognized as a qualifying project, and no rebate for any of the work will be granted for this home. The City and County may allow insulating over Knob & Tube, but SMUD will have no connection with a project that does so. This is a very important point – please make sure all sales personnel understand this SMUD program rule.
Some measures are not being taken advantage of:
We have noticed that several HPP measures, such as vapor barrier (as a single measure), lighting and some of HVAC tiers, have not been selected in a long time if at all. We are watching these items and they are under consideration to be removed from the menu of options in the future.
Please remember to upload all completed HPP documents in a timely manner 
This is another friendly reminder to submit your HPP project documents within 2 weeks of project start. Also submit final documents as soon as possible to prevent any rebate processing delay. All slow or incomplete document submissions have ramifications for the program’s reputation. The EFCA/SMUD team prides itself on getting the rebates to the customers as quickly as possible; however, we can’t issue rebates until you have provided accurate and complete documents in a timely manner. Please make sure that you submit all the required documents with complete and accurate information to streamline the rebate approval process. Thank you for your cooperation.
Please include your customer e-mail addresses on the Vision portal and the JRT
90 days after project completion, an e-mail survey regarding the customer’s HPP experience will be sent. The results of these surveys will be shared with the contractor in the monthly scorecards. These surveys are very important to the SMUD upper Management to help justify the existence of this program. You are doing great out there, and the customers are very happy about your work/ our program, but if we cannot hear from them, it goes unsaid. This will help all of us determine the areas for improvement and find solutions for those challenges. 

And finally, please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the content of this newsletter and/or any other topic related to the continued success or betterment of the SMUD HPP.

Thank you,
SMUD team

Efficiency First California • 1250 Addison Street, Suite 211-B • Berkeley, CA • 94702 • 1-888-352-2722

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