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Would you like to receive your rebates faster?

Reminder to contractors that ALL project documentation must be uploaded to EFCA through the Vision system BEFORE SMUD can release rebates. Also, if you are applying for SMUD financing, you must upload all project documents to Vision before SMUD can approve and process your financing proposal.


Pre-upgrade JRT must be submitted within two weeks of work starting in order for SMUD to measure its program “pipeline” and to have an ongoing record of customers participating in the program. If you can complete the upgrade within two weeks after work begins, you can submit both pre-upgrade walkthrough and post-upgrade test-out information in a one JRT via a single Vision upload.


Projects that are submitted after the two weeks of staring work will be rejected.


The following documents are required to be uploaded as part of the post-upgrade submission:

  • JRT with Menu and JobInfo tabs completed
  • PG&E Test Measurement Form (if home has natural gas or propane service)
  • SMUD Rebate Application (signed by contractor and customer)
  • Photos of deep buried ducts (if applicable) according to Deep Buried Duct Protocol
  • Any additional documentation to help us review the project
  • If any questions about the submission arise, the contractor will be notified through the Vision system and asked to clarify the issue before a rebate is approved.

Maintain your status on the SMUD HPP referral list

In order to remain on the SMUD Home Performance Program contractor referral list, you must be active in the program and submit at least one job every six months.

Mentoring is available in field, office or online

Our goal is to provide support and to make sure you are getting the most out of the program for your customers and your bottom line! Our mentor team provides support for contractors participating in the SMUD HPP – at NO COST to the contractor.


Depending on the type of support you’d like we can accommodate mentoring in the field, in your office, via phone or online. Mentoring is customized specifically to your needs! Contact Moe Srifi (510) 788-0463 to schedule your appointment.

More value for you and your customers

In addition to all of the features offered on the SMUD HPP JRT, the PG&E Home Upgrade (HU) offers rebates for installing three or more upgrade measures from a flexible menu. Contractors and customers can earn up to $3,000 from PG&E Home Upgrade (HU) and up to $5,000 from the SMUD Home Performance Program (HPP) using the same scope of work.


Take advantage of hundreds of possible scopes of work that can reduce energy bills, increase home comfort, and qualify for rebates from both PG&E HU and SMUD HPP. Remember that most SMUD measure rebates are doubled for homes with electric heat (up to $8,000.) Click HERE for more information.

We want to hear from YOU!

In order to improve the program, we are looking for feedback from you. Please take a moment to let us know what you like and what you may be struggling with in the program.

New measures coming soon

We are working on updating the JRT to remove measures that are not being utilized and replace them with fresh, new rebate options. If you have any suggestions for new measures, please email Moe: moe@efficiencyfirstca.org or call 510 788 0463. 

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