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Dear SMUD HPP contractors,


As the current SMUD Home Performance Program comes to a close, we are eager to wrap up as many jobs as we can so you can ensure that your customers receive their rebates in a very timely manner.


We are checking in on older SMUD jobs, and it looks like there are a lot of projects that need to be closed. Please make sure to upload every outstanding project you have into SMUD HPP portal no later than December 12th COB.


Two new measures added to SMUD HPP: Smart thermostat & electric vehicle (EV) ready homes


SMUD HPP has added two new exciting measures to HPP. The measures are smart thermostat (EcoBee 3G & Nest 3G), which we offer $50 rebate for and electric vehicle infrastructure, with $250 rebate upon installation.  We will even allow going back to your old projects and install either or both of these new measures.


FINAL REMINDER: Change in activity requirement coming Beginning January 2, 2017


SMUD HPP will require contractors to submit at least one HPP project every three months (previously six months). We want to give all contractors the heads up as we approach the end of the year. What this means is that your company name will be removed from the SMUD website list after three months of inactivity. You would still be eligible to participate in the program for an additional three months, but you will not be getting leads via the SMUD website. Obtaining a project will reactivate your listing for the next three months. Failure to gain a project in six months disqualifies you to participate until the beginning of the next calendar year.


SMUD HPP team would like to thank you

We would like to send out a special thank you for all of your efforts.  2016 was a surprising year, as we collectively tripled the number of completed homes compared to 2015, with approximately the same number of contractors.  The word is now out that Home Performance is the way to go, so your 2017 should be busy.  All of you now know the ropes, which puts you in a very favorable position to win projects and represent this program, which we feel is the best in the nation. Please continue the good work.    





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