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Becoming a Bus Driver (aka giving monthly) is the best way to keep Bus Projects programs rollin and democracy flowin. Plus if you give just $8.50 a month you get special VIP perks.

Heres what you can expect as a Bus Driver (check out more deets below):
1) Special goodies/discounts at Bus events
2) Recognition of your Awesomeness
3) A delicious inside scoop on Bus biz-niz
4) Warm and fuzzies from making great programs like Bus Trips and PolitiCorps happen

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Here are your Bus Driver Benefits:

1) Special goodies/discounts at Bus events.  People become Bus Drivers because they love the Bus and all of the great stuff Bus volunteers do. But it doesn’t hurt that if you give $8.50 or more per month, you get sweet, discounts at Bus events. 

  • Rebooting Democracy - Monthly supports receive a discount on conference passes.
  • PolitiCorps Graduation - Members receive a discount on tickets.
  • Wheelies - 25% off ticket price PLUS additional discounts at the event.
  • First crack at discounts from partner organizations.

2) Recognition of your Awesomeness. The Bus loves you, and we want people to know it. At large events like the Wheelies, expect a glowing shout-out because you deserve it.

3) A delicious inside scoop on Bus biz-niz.Every once in awhile, you’ll get a hand-typed note from one of our directors, lettin’ you in on all the CLASSIFIED, CODE-WORD-CLEARANCE stuff that goes on behind the scenes at the Bus. Get the straight scoop on the state legislature and find out the cutting-edge innovations in Bus programs before they happen. You oughta know about it, since you’re makin’ it happen and all.

4) Warm and Fuzzies from making great programs like Bus Trips and PolitiCorps happen. Programs like PolitiCorps and Bus Trips are investments in Oregon’s future. And they can’t happen without your generous support. You allow us to train the next generation of leaders through PolitiCorps during their 10 week long leadership boot-camp. With your help we are also able to get Oregon’s civic all-stars involved in Bus Trips, knocking on doors to make innovative, equitable policy happen in Oregon, by electing candidates and passing measure on the ballot. You make people-powered politics possible, so give yourself a pat on the back. Bus <3 you.