Sat, Aug 11, 2012
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Bus Trip: 'Ungery 'Ungery 'Ippos

You see, everyone loves board games. And everyone loves democracy. It shouldn’t take your entire Cranium to figure out that combining the two is a sure-fire way to stake out a Monopoly on good times.

Passing big policy in the state requires electing good people like Ben “The 'Unger-iest 'Ippo” Unger. Ben is a veteran Bus volunteer and is running to be state representative for HD 29. And you—yes you!–can help spread the word about how he’ll make the Game of Life better for residents of Hillsboro, Cornelius and Forest Grove.

This Bus Trip will be a pretty straightforward Operation: 

  • Portland Meet-Up: Start the day at Grant HS at 10:00am and Don't Break the Ice.
  • In-District Meet-Up: Meet at Harleman Park in Cornelius at 11:15am
  • Knock some doors. Avoid Snakes and Ladders
  • Kick back with some wonderful people and find that Connection -- maybe 4...
  • Get on the Bus and get back to Grant by 6pm. Yahtzee.

There's really no Risk involved. You can be a part of makin' democracy happen for the good people of Washington County (sadly Candyland and Catan are out of luck this time around). If you miss this one you'll be Sorry!

(Sure, some might find this theme a bit Par-cheesy, but to them we say: Get a Clue.)

Event Location

Grant High School
2245 NE 36th Ave
Portland, OR 97212

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