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There Are Consequences.

It's time to send a clear message to politicians everywhere, New York and beyond: there are consequences to voting against equality. Unlike our opponents, who repeatedly try to hide where their money is coming from, Fight Back New York discloses who all of its donors are in public campaign filings. We're not taking money from a small number of well-heeled organizations to fund this campaign. We're getting donations from real people, from voters.

Vote at the ballot box, and vote with your dollars. Let's show anti-gay politicians across the country: Vote against us, and suffer the consequences.

I don't want another election year to go by like 2008. One of the most powerful ways to let these anti-gay politicians know there's consequences is to show them our strength in numbers. Every person who donates to Fight Back New York is listed on our official election reports. Let's show them our power. Donate $5 to Fight Back New York today. Join me in telling politicians, "There are consequences when you vote against me."

–Greg Rae, Treasurer, Fight Back New York

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