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If you would prefer to mail a contribution, please make checks payable to:

Hickenlooper for Colorado
PO Box 1317
Denver, CO 80201

Contributions or gifts to Hickenlooper for Colorado are not tax deductible. Colorado law requires the campaign to disclose the name and address of each person who has contributed $20.00 or more, and the occupation and employer of each person who has contributed $100.00 or more, per election cycle.

Colorado campaign finance law prohibits Colorado lobbyists and their principals from making, soliciting, or promising to make or solicit, campaign contributions to the Governor or a candidate for Governor when the Colorado General Assembly is in session or when legislation is pending before the Governor for approval or disapproval. If you have any question concerning this provision or whether the Hickenlooper Campaign will accept your contribution during the legislative session, please seek legal counsel or contact the Hickenlooper campaign with questions.