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Inequality and climate change are twin moral crises.  Climate change threatens our survival while growing inequality makes life ever harder for most people. Both crises hit especially hard in communities of color. That's why we're starting a project to cut climate pollution and create good jobs for low-income communities of color.  Your monthly donation by credit card will enable us to launch campaigns to:

*Redirect Wall Street's fossil fuel investments into clean energy - trillions of dollars of investment by private equity, hedge funds and banks need to be re-directed from oil, coal and gas infrastructure into clean energy jobs for our communities. If all the pipelines that are currently proposed are built, the U.S. will lock in pollution that will lead to disaster. 

*Cut New York City's climate pollution and create good jobs - NYC generates a staggering amount of climate pollution - more than most countries. At the same time, unemployment and underemployment are rampant in our neighborhoods.  Since almost 75% of greenhouse gas pollution from New York City derives from energy use in buildings, we can both create good jobs and slash pollution by re-habbing and upgrading buildings so that they waste far less energy.  We will fight for policies that will require that all NYC buildings meet modern energy efficiency standards, which in concert with a greener electric grid would cut climate pollution by 80-90% by 2050.  The requirements we support would generate over 10,000 jobs annually in design, renovation and re-habbing work.  Our campaign will push policy-makers to maximize the creation of good, union jobs for low-income communities of color through this program.

*Pass the New York State Climate & Community Protection Act - as part of the NYRenews coalition, we're pushing Governor Cuomo to stand up to Trump on climate change by making New York State a 100% clean energy state while creating good jobs for our communities.

*Stop a Trump infrastructure deal that's a tax giveaway to oil, coal and gas companies - U.S. multinationals such as Goldman Sachs and ExxonMobil owe taxes on about $2.4 trillion in overseas profits. They badly want to wipe away their massive tax liability in a deal that would use a small proportion of these owed funds to develop infrastructure. We will push Senator Schumer and other Democrats to oppose Trump's plan for a tax giveaway deal to fund privatized infrastructure - and also ban the oil, gas and coal companies and their banks from getting tax subsidies for fossil fuel infrastructure development. 

Income inequality is out of control while science tells us we need to drastically cut pollution right now to avoid a disaster that will threaten human civilization.  As President Obama put it, we don't get a second chance on climate change. With Trump's election, it's now even more vital to pressure States, Cities and corporations to take action.  Make our campaigns happen: become a monthly sustainer for Climate Action Now!


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