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Inequality and climate change are twin moral crises. Climate change threatens our survival while growing inequality makes life ever harder for most people. Both crises hit especially hard in low-income communities of color. That's why we've started a project to cut climate pollution and create good jobs for low-income communities of color.  Your monthly donation by credit card will enable us to launch campaigns to:

*Redirect Wall Street's fossil fuel investments into clean energy - trillions of dollars of investment by private equity, hedge funds and banks need to be re-directed from oil, coal and gas infrastructure into clean energy jobs for our communities. We're very proud of our recent victory: getting NYC to pull its nearly $200 billion pension fund out of oil and gas corporations like Exxon.  We're fighting to get big Wall Street banks and other large instituional funds to stop financing climate destruction - and invest into good, local union jobs in renewable energy. 

*Cut New York City's climate pollution and create good jobs - NYC generates a staggering amount of climate pollution - more than most countries. At the same time, unemployment and underemployment are rampant in our neighborhoods. Since about 70% of greenhouse gas pollution from New York City derives from energy use in buildings, we can both create good jobs and slash pollution by re-habbing and upgrading buildings so that they waste far less energy. We're fighting for policies that would require all NYC buildings to meet modern energy efficiency standards, which in concert with a greener electric grid would cut climate pollution by 80-90% by 2050 and generate thousands of jobs annually. 

*Stop all fracking infrastructure projects and move to 100% renewable energy across NYS - Governor Cuomo talks a big game on climate change, but in fact New York is falling behind. Right now, for example, only 3% of the state's electricity comes from wind and solar, and Governor Cuomo is permitting new fracked gas power plants and pipelines that will lock in decades of future pollution. Along with our allies, we're pushing the state to act boldly to fight climate change, not just take tiny, incremental baby steps forward that are too slow and tentative. We need bold, tranformative action that matches the scale of the emergency.  

*Pass the New York State Climate & Community Protection Act - we're pushing Governor Cuomo to make New York State a 100% renewable energy state while creating good jobs for our communities. To help finance this vital transition to a clean energy economy, we want to make corporate polluters pay for the pollution they currently dump into our air for free, generating about $7 billion per year to fund renewable energy, mass transit, and other projects, focusing on low- and moderate income communities of color.

Income inequality is out of control while science tells us we need to drastically cut pollution right now to avoid a disaster that will threaten human civilization.  As President Obama put it, we don't get a second chance on climate change. With Trump and the Republicans controlling the federal government, it's even more vital to pressure States, Cities and corporations to take action.  We're fighting for bold, transformational change: Make our campaigns happen by becoming a monthly sustainer now!


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