Sun, May 03, 2015
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

National TPP Call and Webinar - 5/3/2015

Details: 7:30 p.m. Eastern/4:30 p.m. Pacific  PH 605-562-3140  PIN 951146#

In celebration of "May Day" we're being  joined by heavy-hitters from our allies in the labor movement: Larry Cohen, President, Communication Workers of America, and Tefere Gebre, Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO, along with Celeste Drake, AFL-CIO Trade and Globalization Policy Specialist;  and Jean Hervey (from Texas) representing SEIU and Workers United, who will share her personal story.

We'll also hear the latest updates on Fast Track from the campaign brain trust at Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, represented by Kathryn Johnson, PCGTW Field Organizer. Emilianne Slaydon, TPP Media March, will update everyone on our (very successful!) global social media campaign and plans for this Tuesday's big Twitter Storm, while Adam Weissman from TradeJustice (NYC) will update us on what's been happening in New York (where TTIP negotiations were just held, and where new Dems such as Rep. Meeks are pushing the Fast Track agenda hard.)

This past week, the Illinois State House of Representatives introduced legislation in support of Fast Track, and urging the U.S. Trade Representative to quickly conclude negotiations on TPP's European cousin, TTIP. (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.) Rep. Quigley there is one of the "New Dems" also pushing Fast Track.  People Demanding Action and PDA Illinois have created a petition you can sign, urging Illinois' legislators to back away from this ill-advised move that threatens state sovereignty:

Take care everybody—and try to join us Sundaythis is going to be one amazing call!

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