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Grand Jury Reform Act - Listen Live at 1pm EST

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Join Andrea Miller and Robert Dawkins for a conversation with Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia on Grand Jury Reform and Militarization of Police Departments.

The names Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Fergson remind us that American justice is not color blind. But what can we do when the promise of justice and fairness is not delivered? We can rally around legislators and legislation that restores justice and stops the abuse.

Last year in the wake of events in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, Rep. Johnson (GA-04) introduced two pieces of legislation aimed at making certain that grand juries return an indictment when the evidence is there and that we return our cities to communities and not war zones.

Is this a model bill that would help your community?

Join us this afternoon at 1pm EST for a Progressive Conversation! Don't worry if you can't make it, you can always listen to the archive.

Andrea Miller
Executive Director, People Demanding Action

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