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S216 Vote Monday @ Noon

Dear Supporter,

On Tuesday, January 27th the ERA Ratification bill (S216) passed the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee; S216 is now headed to the Senate for a full floor vote and we need major help to move this bill through.

There are four critical Republican votes that we must get along with all the Democrats (Norment, Stosch, Watkins, Wagner). We need to show that there is major support behind this bill. We need you to do two simple things:

We expect the Senate vote on Monday at noon; join us at the General Assembly so that we have hundreds of people in the gallery. Please call all the Senators listed below and tell them the women of Virginia and America are counting on them to advance civil rights and economic stability for American families. Nearly 75% of women in America work and the lack of pay equity hurts families.

Senator Phone eMail
Walter A. Stosch 804-698-7512 district12@senate.virginia.gov
John C. Watkins 804-698-7510 district10@senate.virginia.gov
Frank Wagner 804-698-7507 district07@senate.virginia.gov
Thomas K. Norment, Jr. 804-698-7503 district03@senate.virginia.gov

Script for Senators
My name is [your name] and I am calling to ask you to vote for S216, ratification of the ERA.
The ERA is an important economic issue for all women. Support for the ERA is bipartisan both in Virginia and in Congress.  As we work with Congress to remove the ratification deadline, Congress is looking to the ERA activists to deliver a ratified state. I know that in the past you have been a supporter of legislation that economically helps Virginia families and I am asking you to again stand up for families here in Virginia and across America.

This is one more fight in a nearly 100 year struggle. Please stand with us and help us pass the ERA in the Virginia Senate. When we do this, then we must get ready for the even bigger battle in the Virginia House.

In Solidarity

Andrea Miller
Executive Director, People Demanding Action

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