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Time to get on the offensive - Scrap the Cap

Dear Supporter,

Republicans in Congress are in the midst of an all-out attack on Social Security – changing the rules and making outrageous claims to force an unnecessary crisis that will give them the cover to cut earned benefits.

But the fact is, Social Security works – and an overwhelming majority of Americans want the program to be expanded, not cut.

We are fighting back—There is a major effort among our Congressional champions right now to expand Social Security benefits and strengthen the program’s finances by making the wealthy pay their fair share into the trust fund. Let’s make sure Congress knows there’s huge grassroots support for expanding Social Security.

Sign the petition: Social Security should be expanded, not cut.

There’s no shortage of smart ideas for expanding and strengthening our Social Security system. In the last Congress, 8 separate bills were introduced to increase benefits and strengthen Social Security’s long-term finances. That’s why we need to shut the door on specious Republican-led cries to cut the program now to avoid cuts later.

Other proposals are being considered to modify the formula used to make cost-of-living adjustments to more accurately reflect inflation on products and services seniors buy, and to expand benefits across-the-board.

But Congressional Republicans want to go in the opposite direction – forcing unnecessary benefit cuts that would be devastating for millions of retired Americans, military veterans and Americans living with disabilities.

I hope you’ll join us in sending a strong message to members of Congress in both parties: Social Security should be expanded, not cut.

Thank you,
Andrea Miller
People Demanding Action

P.S. Read more about how to expand Social Security, order Social Security Works! Why Social Security Isn't Going Broke and How Expanding It Will Help Us All (The New Press, 2015) -- authored by our co-founders Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson, with a foreword by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, David Cay Johnston.

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