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We need to derail Fast Track

Dear Supporter,

Multinational corporations have just delivered their opening salvo in the battle for corporate nationhood.

Fast Track Legislation was reintroduced today that would allow the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be rushed through Congress. Send an email to your Senators and Representative and tell them to Vote "No" on Fast Track; do not cosponsor the bill.

And don't forget to register now for Sunday's Emergency Fast Track Briefing Call: "TPP v. PLANET EARTH: THE FIGHT IS ON!" with Kathryn Johnson, Public Citizen; Ilana Solomon, Sierra Club; and William Waren, Friends of the Earth. President Obama can't claim he has a strong environmental policy and simultaneously ask for Fast Track for TPP—the two just aren't congruent.

Join us on Sunday for an update on the Fast Track Bill introduced today, and Saturday's day of action, and more on how we will stop Fast Track—just as we did last year! We'll also hear from two environmental leaders about the disastrous consequences for the planet if we don't. (Just in time for Earth Day!) (For the call-in portion: note the phone number and PIN in the meeting title, and be sure to PHONE IN FIRST for audio, then follow the link you'll get to the meeting room.)

Here's today's take on the bill from Arthur Stamoulis, Citizens Trade Campaign:

"This year’s bill contains the same flawed Fast Track process found in last year’s failed Camp-Baucus legislation. It would allow the TPP and other agreements to skirt ordinary Congressional review, amendment and debate procedures — a rubber-stamping of “NAFTA on Steroids” pacts that destroy jobs and drive down wages, among other dangerous environmental, public health and economic impacts. We’ve stopped Fast Track legislation before and we can do so again. We need you to call Congress now, and to come out and protest with us, too. Fast Track proponents from Wall Street, K Street and Pennsylvania Avenue are pushing Fast Track hard. It’s urgent that we push back even harder. Together, the "movement of movements” can derail this awful proposal. But we need your help.

Derailing Fast Track is the single most important thing we can do to prevent corporate trade agreements that threaten to:

After you email Congress, please join Saturday’s National Day of Action against Fast Track. There are more than 60 rallies, block walks, educational events and other actions planned throughout the country. Please attend one, and bring some friends, to make sure our voices are heard.

And don't forget to join us on Sunday for a special briefing with Stop Fast Track Coalition leaders!

Many thanks,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director, People Demanding Action
Elizabeth Warren
Director of Communications, People Demanding Action
National TPP Team Coordinator

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