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It's a Matter of Respect

Dear Supporter,

The Justice Solidarity Conference - Building an Inclusive Climate Movement to Create Community Power is a unique type of conference—tailored specifically to the needs of marginalized communities—urban youth, the working poor, communities of color, seniors, recent immigrants and other constituencies who feel left behind in America’s political process.

People Demanding Action wants to do just that: provide a space where people whose voices aren’t usually heard in the political process can come to get the tools, training and access they need to get themselves heard. We’ve all been to conferences where admission is hundreds of dollars—even with student discounts. And we know that conferences are expensive to host, so this is not a slam to other worthy organizations that run them.

That’s where we need your help (just a little of it.) We’re kicking off a series of regional leadership conferences with the first one in Washington D.C. May 8-10.

We want to make sure that no one who wants to attend is turned away—by asking sponsors to help us cover the cost of admission, training materials, and meals. (Want to help but short on cash? We’re looking for local hosts to provide weekend lodging and/or transportation to the conference, for those who don’t live within daily driving distance of D.C.)

PDAction will cover the big expenses (such as the location) but we still need help to cover daily expenses for individual activists who want to attend. Could you sponsor an activist?

Just $95 will cover all meals (reception, lunch, dinner, breakfast) and supplies.

Help us give a voice to fellow Americans not used to being heard. If you can’t fully sponsor an activist, give whatever you can. We’ll be very grateful—and so will they.

In Brotherhood,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director, People Demanding

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