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The conference was only the first step; now the work begins

Dear Supporter,

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Thank you for participating in the Building An Inclusive Climate Movement Conference May 8th through 10th at the University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law. We greatly appreciate the level of expertise and knowledge each of you brought to our gathering. Hopefully your contributions to our collective effort - building a powerful, cohesive activist community to address climate, incarceration, equality and related issues - will bear fruit.

Many of the speakers and participants who attended concurred with the premise of our conference; that to succeed, the climate justice movement must recognize that underlying the climate symptom is the deeper problem of social justice. We must be empowered by the vital issues of social justice, including (but not limited to) mass criminalization, immigration rights, voting rights, the corruption of democracy, healthcare, wage and economic disparity. The climate movement must embrace diversity and inclusiveness in order to reach the critical mass of people-power needed to prevent climate, incarceration, immigration, voting, etc. chaos.

Over a hundred leaders from environmental, economic and social justice organizations participated; activists, educators and advocates at our three-day conference collectively took the first steps last weekend in identifying the work ahead. Though each of us have our own core issues, we will collectively build on our individual work to create the network, mobilize our members, introduce and support legislation, use media tools, and other resources necessary for a powerful and cohesive grass roots fusion movement, starting in towns, cities, and states, with the shared threat of climate chaos as our catalyst.

This week we begin working for the introduction of our climate mitigation and jobs-creation legislation in Congress and in various states; a Resolution calling for the creation of green jobs in renewable energy, and for implementation of a national goal of 50% renewable energy by the year 2030.We are planning a series of conference calls to continue the work that we began at the conference; the conference was only the beginning. 

We can make Congress work for us; we had an economic justice victory. Last Thursday, People Demanding Action, and our sister organization ERA Action, helped gather 146 original cosponsors for HJ Res 51 a Constitutional amendment to remove the ratification deadline on the stalled Equal Rights amendment. When we remove the deadline we will only need 3 more states and then it will be unconstitutional to discriminate on the basis of sex and our equal pay laws will have strict judicial scrutiny. We are working inside and outside linking state legislation to Federal. If this is what just a few of us can do, imagine what we could accomplish working together on all our issues.

We thank all of the participants who contributed to our discussions and planning. Our leadership group continues the work of building our collective justice network which we have provisionally called Justice Action Mobilization network,(JAMn), and we are taking steps to formalize this network as a mandate that emerged from the Summit Conference at DCU. Our goal is to build an inclusive justice movement, and our aim is to discuss what tools are needed to develop such a movement in local communities and states, as part of the network.  We will soon invite you to our next network leadership conference call; date to be announced.

We especially thank the speakers and moderators who took time out from their busy schedule on Mother's Day weekend to participate in our discussions:

Mustafa Ali, EPA, office of Environmental Justice
Barbara Arnwine, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute. Founder, World Watch Institute

Federico Cura, Northern VA Organizer, Arlington County Transportation Commissioner
Dr. Michael Dorsey, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Mike Ewall, Energy Justice Network
Nakisa Glover, Community organizer, Charlotte NC
Professor Philip Harvey, Rutgers University, National Jobs for All Coalition
Leslie Fields, Sierra Club National Environmental Director
Ted Glick, Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Professor Marc Jacobson, Stanford University Center for Atmosphere and Energy
Anise Jenkins, Stand Up! for Democracy DC
Alex Lawson, Social Security Works
Joe Libertelli, University of DC Law School
Marc Magaña, Green Latinos
Bill McKibben, 350.org
Jay Winter Nightwolf, Echota Cherokee Nations of Alabama
Bintou Njie, Exodus Foundation, Senate Judiciary Committee Staffer
Jacquelyn Patterson, NAACP, Founder, Women of Color United

Chuck Rocha, Solidarity Strategies
Professor Joel Rogers, University of Wisconsin, COWS
Paul Alexander, Advisor

Thank you all for your participation, and many blessings to you as you continue your important work.

Your Conference Steering Committee,

Russell Greene, Board President, People Demanding Action
Andrea Miller, Executive Director, People Demanding Action
Dr. Gabriela Lemus, People Demanding Action, Board Vice-Chair
Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Board, People Demanding Action
Reverend Glencie Rhedrick, People Demanding Action, Advisory Board
Ben Ptashnik, Board Chair People Demanding Action

Reverend Rodney Sadler, Board Vice-Chair, People Demanding Action
Joel Segal, People Demanding Action, Board Member
Reverend Terrence Muhammad, Hip Hop Caucus
Stephen Shaff, People Demanding Action, Board Member
Jeffery Wolfe, People Demanding Action, Advisory Board Member

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