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We have a major announcement to make!

Dear Supporter,

A team of award-winning filmmakers has joined forces to make the long-awaited documentary about former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman a reality!

Don Siegelman isn’t just fighting for his freedom; he’s fighting for the integrity of our democracy.”
  ~Al Gore

As many of you know, Don was a popular Democrat who’d won every statewide office in Alabama before he was railroaded into jail by the most notorious name in American politics – Karl Rove. The film, titled Killing Atticus Finch, has the potential to make a major impact on politics by exposing the corrupt, immoral tactics used by Republican operatives that are responsible for putting this innocent man in jail.

“America’s Political Prisoner #1.”
- American Trial Lawyers Magazine

The Film
Our film will reveal the dark underbelly of Republican politics. It will explain how Karl Rove used his senior executive position in the Bush White House to “get rid of Siegelman” because Republicans simply couldn’t beat him at the polls. Rove began by arranging for loyal Republican operatives, and Siegelman’s political adversaries, to be appointed as federal prosecutors. Those prosecutors quickly indicted Siegelman with fake, made-up charges alleging actions that, according to hundreds of legal experts – both Republican and Democrat – have never been crimes in the history of American jurisprudence. Then, to make those false charges stick, Rove rigged a Federal court by arranging for a Republican “hanging judge" with ethical violations to preside over the trial. Despite multiple conflicts of interest, the judge rejected demands for his recusal. Inside this excessively biased courtroom, Rove’s henchmen got away with a staggering amount of judicial misconduct: lying to the jury, bribing the judge, scripting witness testimony, threatening the witness if he didn’t comply, multiple improper jury instructions, jury tampering, and allowing admittance of false evidence. Because the only judicial oversight was by fellow Republican officials under Rove’s control, it was completely impossible for Don Siegelman to get anything close to a fair trial, even with baseless, trumped-up charges.

The conviction and sentence of Governor Siegelman has been a travesty of justice.”
~ Judge U.W. Clemon, Federal Judge (Ret.)

Since his conviction, countless Democrats and Republicans have formally declared their support for Don's innocence. Most notably, 113 former states’ Attorneys General from both political parties signed a formal petition protesting the rampant prosecutorial misconduct and judicial abuse in this trial. This is the first time in American history that so many legal experts have come forward to condemn the deliberate injustice directed at a single person.

They could not beat him fair and square. This is a Republican state and he was the one Democrat they could never get rid of.”
~ Grant Woods, Republican Arizona Attorney General 1991-99

Please join us as donors - as angels - to get this movie made.

Don Siegelman Unjustly Remains in Prison Despite being one of the most popular and respected figures in Alabama with decades of unblemished public service, Don Siegelman’s life has been devastated. He’s been away from his family for years. He’s been completely stripped of his freedom, and lost everything including his home, his savings, and a very promising career. Don has endured more hardship than most of us can imagine, even though hundreds of America’s top legal experts say he never committed a crime.

The conviction of Don Siegelman is a deep stain on our justice system
  ~ Robert Abrams, Former New York State Attorney General

Our Filmmaking Team Killing Atticus Finch will be directed by Steve Wimberly, and produced by Academy Award Winner and activist, Maria Florio of Earthworks Films and celebrated actor and political activist, Mimi Kennedy.

As both an activist and Oscar Winner, Maria has a wealth of experience about making documentary films that leave a positive and lasting impact on our world. For more information on Maria, please see: http://www.earthworksfilms.com/

Mimi’s career as an actor includes movies Erin Brockovich, In the Loop, and Midnight in Paris, as well as TV - currently the CBS hit Mom. She is Advisory Board Chair of Progressive Democrats of America. As a democracy integrity activist, she has been a tireless advocate for Don’s exoneration. For more information about Mimi, please see: http://www.mimikennedy.org/

Steve’s credits include numerous documentaries and television shows featured on Discovery Networks, HGTV and the Food Channel. For more information about Steve, please see: www.peppertreefilms.com

Maria, Mimi and Steve are well versed in Don’s story, and eager to tell the world about this tragedy of injustice.

Everyone who cares about the rule of law – should hope the Supreme Court agrees to hear Don Siegelman’s appeal.
~ George Will, Conservative Opinion Writer, Washington Post

We invite you to be apart of this journey to bring integrity and the objective rule of law back to our judicial system!

Please join us as donors - as angels - to get this movie made.

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