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According to David Koch, Global Warming Is Actually Good for Us

Dear Supporter,

Climate denier billionaires Charles and David Koch have used their vast fortune to buy their way into respected institutions of science, like the Smithsonian and American Museum of Natural History, in order to give junk science an air of legitimacy. But we have a way to stop them.

The Smithsonian Board of Regents is meeting Monday in DC and we’re using the event to deliver our petition demanding they boot climate deniers like David Koch off their board.

Your signature is missing from this important petition: Click here to add your name now.

According to the Smithsonian exhibit, as the earth gets hotter humans will get leaner and develop more sweat glands; seriously, we can't make this up.

Tell the Kochs, we don't want "junk science" in our science museums. Real science tells us that climate change is man-made and it is not good for us. Tell the Smithsonian, get David Koch off your Board and tell people the truth.

Can you be in Washington, DC on Monday, June 15th? If you can, please join us for our Rally, March and Petition Delivery.

Date: Monday, June 15th
Time: Noon
Place: The Smithsonian (Castle), 1000 Jefferson Street, SW, Washington, DC (Outside area where Board of Regents is Meeting)
RSVP: Let us know you're going to join us; click here.

Yours for real science,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director, People Demanding Action

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