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New Number - Vote Scheduled for 11am

Dear Supporter,

The standalone Fast Track TPA bill will be introduced in the House today, Thursday June 18, in the morning; rumour has it that it will be attached to a must pass police/firefighter pension bill. This time there is no assistance at all for workers who lose their jobs. Mitch McConnell has promised a quick Senate vote on the new Fast Track bill.

Here's the plan
Phone calls are faster since debate starts at 9am. Call your Rep and urge them to vote No. Thank them if they already voted no and ask them to vote no again. If they are a Yes vote, then we are asking them to vote no. Here's the way your Rep voted (Dems are listed in italics)

Call Now: 1-888-804-8311 or 202-224-3121
The very simple script is -
“As your constituent, I expect you to Vote NO on the job-killing Fast Track TPA bill. If you vote YES for Fast Track TPA, I will work to unseat you in 2016. This is the most important vote of your career, so please make sure that you get it right and Vote NO on Fast Track TPA. I'm counting on you!"

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller, Executive Director
Elizabeth Warren, Communications Director

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