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Malaysia, Human Trafficking, and The Betrayal of Human Rights to Push TPP

The US State Department has upgraded Malaysia from a Tier 3 to a Tier 2 country in the Trafficking in Persons Report, just in time for the concluding TPP Ministerial in Hawaii this week, all human rights activists and many members of Congress are rightfully upset. The recent discovery in Malaysia of 28 migrant camps where people were kept in cages, 139 mass graves, coupled with the country's chronic slavery and human trafficking, and its Tier 3 rating, meant the only way to ensure possible passage of the TPP was to upgrade Malaysia whether they deserve it or not.

If you are outraged that State Department would undermine the purpose of the Trafficking in Person's report and upgrade Malaysia solely to advance the TPP, please join the National TPP Team Call this Sunday 4:30 Pacific / 7:30 Eastern Time. We are using a different registration system with a built-in Discussion Board.  

With Secretary of State John Kerry visting Malaysia August 4-6, now is the critical moment to take action!

Date: Sunday, August 2, 2015
Phone: For Conference call: 605-562-3140 PIN: 951146#
Time: 7:30pm Eastern, 6:30pm Central, 5:30pm Mountain, 4:30pm Pacific
Webinar Room: https://join.me/pdamerica

We are joining forces with the Popular Resistance team who hold their calls on alternate Wednesday evenings as they concentrate on building an organizing network to prepare for mass actions this fall.

We will hear from:
- Tim Ryan, AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center
- Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch
- Andrea Miller, People Demanding Action
- Dr. Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance
- Deborah Dion, Florida Fair Trade Coalition
- Marti Townsend, Hawaii Chapter, Sierra Club
- Adam Weissman, TradeJustice New York Metro
And best of all, your thoughts, actions, campaigns and ideas that will help build a coalition to raise awareness and a larger movement to save the planet and the people who live on it from the grips of the TPP and other bad free trade deals.

Tim Ryan
Director, Asia Regional Program,
The AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center

Tim Ryan joined the Solidarity Center’s predecessor Asian institute in 1989. Since 2001, he has directed all Solidarity Center programs for Asia, including offices in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He served as the organization’s field representative in Sri Lanka (1993-97) and Indonesia (1997-2001), where he began work on migrant workers’ and anti-trafficking issues. He serves on the board of the Global March against Child Labor and on the steering committee of the National Writers Union, Washington, D.C., chapter.

Phil Robertson
Deputy Director, Asia Division
Human RIght Watch
Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch's Asia division, oversees the organization's work throughout Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, North Korea and Japan.

Prior to joining Human Rights Watch in 2009, he worked for more than a decade in Southeast Asia on human rights, labor rights, protection of migrant workers, and counter-human trafficking efforts with a variety of non-governmental organizations, international and regional trade union federations, and UN agencies. As program manager of the UN Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP), he oversaw the successful negotiation of the first regional inter-governmental agreement on human trafficking in the greater Mekong sub-region. Prior to UNIAP, he led the Mainland Southeast Asia office of the AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center, working on trade union rights, democratic political reform, and rights of migrant workers, focusing primarily on Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand. A 1997 graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, he is fluent in Thai and Lao.

Marti Townsend
Hawaii Chapter, Sierra Club

Deborah Dion
State Director for Florida, Citizens Trade Campaign

Deborah worked for the AFL-CIO for 20 years at the federal, state and local levels on political and issue campaigns. Organized the FTAA march and rally in 2003 in Miami. Have worked on several trade deals while at the AFL-CIO, including WTO, CAFTA, Columbia.

Dr. Margaret Flowers
Co-director of Popular Resistance

Dr. Flowers is a Maryland pediatrician. After graduation from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1990 and completion of pediatric residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Flowers worked first as a hospitalist and then in private practice. She left practice in 2007 to advocate full-time for a single payer health care system at both the state and national levels. co-hosts, Clearing the FOG radio which airs on We Act Radio, 1480 AM. Her twitter is @MFlowers8
Adam Weissman
TradeJustice New York Metro

Adam Weissman, is an organizer with Global Justice for Animals and the Environment (GJAE), an organization addressing the threat posed by free trade agreements to animals; the environment; safe, ethical, and sustainable food; and the human rights of environmental defenders. He also represents GJAE in Trade Justice New York Metro, a coalition of grassroots organizations from diverse social movements working together to resist the NAFTA model.

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