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On Friday Social Security will turn 80 and it's a very big deal

Dear Supporter,

Social Security has kept the promise of retirement security for seniors for 80 years. Before Social Security came along, half of America's seniors lived in poverty -- and without it, many more of them would today. And on top of being the primary means of retirement income for thousands of our most vulnerable seniors, it serves as a critical safety net, providing necessary funds to disabled workers, children and veterans.

Our country would be a far poorer, more difficult place to live in if Social Security didn't exist. Yet Republicans in Congress keep looking for ways to hobble it. Earlier this year, the GOP set up an impending showdown in 2016 that needlessly pits current and future retirees against people with disabilities -- and could result in benefit cuts of as much as 20%.

The danger that Social Security faces is real. That's why, in honor of its 80th birthday, we're joining with a long list of progressive allies to tell all 2016 presidential candidates and members of Congress that it's time to stop threatening Social Security's future -- and start working to expand and protect benefits for future generations.

If you care about Social Security, please celebrate its 80th birthday by signing our coalition petition calling on Congress and the 2016 presidential candidates to protect and expand it.

Here at People Demanding Action, we believe that everyone deserves a secure retirement. That's why we've been organizing birthday parties for Social Security especially in the South.

On Social Security's 80th birthday, PDAction is joining this broad coalition campaign because we want to make sure our politicians remember just how many of us have benefitted from Social Security -- and how many more will, if we have the political will to ask the wealthiest few to pay their fair share.

This huge coalition petition -- organized by AFSCME, Alliance for Retired Americans, American Family Voices, Caring Across Generations, Center for Community Change Action, Courage Campaign, Daily Kos, Democracy for America, Economic Policy Institute, Left Action, National People's Action, Pension Rights Center, People Demanding Action, People For the American Way, Progressive Democrats of America, Social Security Works, and Working Families -- says:

To 2016 presidential candidates and members of Congress:

Americans are facing an unprecedented retirement security crisis. Right now, we have a $7.7 trillion retirement savings gap – meaning that for the first time in our country’s history, current and future retirees are preparing for a lower standard of living in retirement than their parents. And, with 38.3 million working age households with zero retirement savings, our elected officials must look for ways to expand the only guaranteed source of retirement security: Social Security.

Stand with us today, on Social Security’s 80th birthday, in our fight to protect and expand earned benefits for millions of Americans. When we do, we will guarantee a secure retirement for all Americans, not just the wealthy few.

Celebrate this landmark birthday now by signing our coalition petition -- and let your elected officials know that you want to see Social Security secured and expanded, not cut.

Thanks for standing strong with us to protect and expand Social Security at this critical moment.

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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