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Intellectual Property Rights over Health and Access

Dear Supporter,

In response to the recent Intellectual Properties Chapter leak, and the revelations of health and internet threats, we wanted to have an authority on the topic on this week's National TPP Response Team Call. We are proud to welcome special guest speaker, James Love, the Director of Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) and co-chair, Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue Intellectual Property Policy Committee.

Mr Love advises UN agencies, National governments, international and regional intergovernmental organizations, and public Health NGOs. He is the author of numerous scholarly works on intellectual property rights, and the recipient of rewards for his work with KEI in freedom and innovation relating to information technology from EFF.  

Also joining us will be Andrea Miller, Director, People Demanding Action, Adam Weissman, Trade Justice New York, Celeste Drake, AFL-CIO and our other coalition partners and team members.

National TPP Team Call Sunday August 23, 4:30 Pacific / 7:30 Eastern Time

Intellectual Property Rights over Health and Access
all-in number: 605-562-3140 / Access Code: 951146#
Please sign up for our call by clicking this link: National TPP August 23rd Call

We are joining forces with the Popular Resistance team who hold their calls on alternate Wednesday evenings as they concentrate on building an organizing network to prepare for mass actions this fall.

And best of all, your thoughts, actions, campaigns and ideas that will help build a coalition to raise awareness and a larger movement to save the planet and the people who live on it from the grips of the TPP and other bad free trade deals. Click the link to sign up for the call: https://actionnetwork.org/events/national-tpp-team-call-intellectual-property-rights-over-health-and-access

You can register for the Wednesday Popular Resistance activists call here: http://www.flushthetpp.org/national-tpp-resistance-calls/

P.S. We have been upgrading our technology; we are going to preview our new 500 person meeting room. We'd love it if you could throw a few coins in the tip jar.

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