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Petition Delivery This Week in Washington DC!

Dear Supporter,

This week, the FCC announced a proposal that would bring significant relief to families paying for phone calls to their incarcerated loved ones. As the New York Times reports, calls from state and federal prisons will be capped at 11 cents per minute. For the majority of people locked up, they would pay less than two dollars for a call. This is a major victory in the campaign prison phone justice! 

Yet we are at a critical moment and need your help to win this campaign. Please take a moment to sign our petition, and share with a friend. The Prison Phone Justice team is sending a delegation to Washington D.C. that will deliver the petition early this week. 

The FCC will vote on this proposal at their next meeting on October 22. We can expect to see opponents of this reform put up a fight. Now more than ever, it’s important that the FCC hear from you. 

Details about the proposal can be found in a FCC fact sheet. In addition to capping state and federal prisons at 11 cents, the FCC calls for a tiered rate for jails of 14 to 22 cents per minute, depending on the size of the jail. While the FCC “discourages” commissions, they fail to address the millions of dollars collected in kickbacks. Along with our coalition partners, we are pressuring the FCC to go further. 

We are grateful for the FCC’s bold action, and particularly the leadership shown by Chair Thomas Wheeler, and Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, a longtime champion for prison phone justice

We also appreciate the activist organizations that have worked hard for this proposal, and the families who have had the courage to speak out.   

The Prison Phone Justice campaign will continue to elevate the voices of those impacted by the high cost of these phone calls. See the recent video with MaryHaywood-Benson, of Champaign, whose son spent 27 years incarcerated. 

Stay tuned for other events planned around the FCC’s October 22 meeting.


Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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