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Imagine America with 80% less drilling, fracking and mining

Dear Supporter,

Fossil fuels are a hot topic these days—in more ways than one. But there’s good news: we CAN halt global warming and other planet devastation by doing—or rather, not doing—one simple thing.

We must reduce the extraction of fossil fuels by 80%. The scientific community is in agreement: not doing it is NOT an option. President Obama’s position on the Keystone XL pipeline, and the Paris Climate Talks, are a start. But we need to do more—much more—if we want to halt climate change and make sure that the Earth remains habitable for future generations.

Will you help us take action to “leave fossil fuels in the ground” today?

Last Thursday, PDA and PDAction volunteers delivered “Leave it in the Ground” letters to Senators. Some were delivered in D.C. and some in district offices as part of an ambitious climate action campaign devised by PDAction that also included working with progressive leaders in Congress to draft the most ambitious climate bill in recent history. We are going to keep on collecting signatures and visiting Congressional offices; won't you sign the petition so that we can deliver your demand for climate action? Now that significant climate legislation is making its way through Congress, we need your help to get it passed and onto President Obama’s desk so he can sign it.

We’ve recently invested in new organizing technology—including an effective phone-to-action tool that allows constituents to reach U.S. lawmakers at every level of government—from city council up to the president. Keeping our tools up and running takes resources; we don’t have donors writing us big fat checks—so we must rely on members and allies for support. If everyone chips in just a little  we can see this bill through, together. (Andrea, do you want to link to the new tools where they’re mentioned? If so, insert above.)

Will you join us today and become a climate action partner?

Yours for the earth today, tomorrow, and forever,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director
People Demanding Action

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