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Endorse Zero Emissions by 2050, Renewable Energy and Green Jobs

Dear Supporter,

Read the Zero Emissions Resolution
Organization Sign-on Letter

On the eve of the Paris talks on climate change, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a strong national consensus on the future of energy and the transition to a renewable energy economy in the United States. We must take into account shifts in employment patterns from fossil fuels to renewable standards with an emphasis on targeted population-groups such as low-income communities, rural areas, displaced workers and veterans; increasing overall building-efficiency and cultivating a culture of resiliency to the climate impacts already taking place. 

We the undersigned fully endorse the climate resolution put forth by the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) H Res 520. In order to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future in the 21st century, the following long- and short-term principles must be agreed to:

Endorse H Res 540 and tell Congress that this is a goal that you support.

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

Dr. Gabriela Lemus
President and Executive Director
Progressive Congress

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