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TPP even worse than you imagined - International Gentrification

Dear Supporter,

This has been an exciting year, with the launch of PDAction and new alliances with many progressive partners. And you’re the reason we’ve accomplished so much. I wish I could say the worst battles were behind us, but one still looms large and very dangerous: TPP—the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

To power our tools that help grassroots activists mobilize to fight back, we need your help.  We expect President Obama to sign TPP on or about February 4, 2016. He’ll then push Congress to quickly vote on the deal, putting at risk our homes, jobs, access to affordable medicines, food safety, internet freedom and even the air we breathe and water we drink.

TPP is that awful—and much more. That’s why multinational corporations and the U.S. Trade Rep’s office are banking on a misleading PR campaign to help sell it1.

Their pockets are much deeper than ours. But we’re scrappy. We’ll fight this thing to the end.

Will you partner with us as part of your year-end giving?

TPP poses many obvious threats, but the scariest of all is a provision called “Investor State Dispute Settlement” or ISDS. It threatens basic U.S. sovereignty and could allow foreign investors—who are now buying up U.S. property2 at an alarming rate—to evict entire communities if they want to develop the land3.

That possibility—which the administration and the USTR have conveniently failed to address—will hit our most vulnerable citizens—seniors and the working poor—the hardest, as older trailer parks are attractive targets4 for new subdivisions and office complexes.

In January, PDAction is partnering with crucial allies in organized labor. Together we will engage communities of color, advocates for seniors, and other allies addressing TPP’s impact on climate, to take part in the next phase of our campaign to stop TPP. (Watch your inbox for details.)

What I can tell you now is that our plan is ambitious, and will be a major commitment for us. The TPP “showdown” happens in 2016. Please, consider supporting PDAction and the many hard-working organizers who are and will be using our tools next year to help stop this deal in its (fast) tracks.

In Solidarity, and Wishing You Happy Holidays,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director, People Demanding Action

P.S. With a staff as small as ours, your contributions go a long way. Please consider giving whatever you can afford. PDAction can stretch pennies, and turn dollars into change—social change. Thank you.

1 Ramping up the campaign to sell the secret TPP
2 Foreign Investment in US Real Estate: The Spigot is On
3 Foreign Real Estate Developers Hit US Shores
4 Santa Monica City Council Evicts Village Trailer Park in Favor of Major Developer

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