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Budget Vote scheduled for December 16th

Dear Supporter,

  Contact Congress now!

The House and Senate extended the budget deadline to next week;  now Congess must pass a budget bill before the deadline on December 16th. Knowing that time is short, right wingers are inserting ideological provisions into the negotiations.

Rather than accept a "clean" budget deal, Republicans insist on "riders" to force through provisions they could not pass on their own as part of a must-pass spending bill.

Contact your Representative and Senators now using our advocacy tools. Tell them to reject extremism and demand a "clean" budget deal that would reject extreme right wing provisions including:

These “gifts” to powerful interests will mean low-income borrowers will go back to paying upwards of 400 percent interest on small loans; housing will cost more; pollution will hurt more; and workers will be less protected from wage theft and less able to form a union.

Contact your Representative and Senators now! Use our advocacy tools to tell them to hold strong. Insist they vote against any budget deal that would put ideology over the health and lives of veterans, and children, endanger our environment and turn our backs on Syrian refugees. Tell them to reject special interests and protect our rights to a free and open Internet.

Last week we sent more than 14,000 messages to Congress; remind them they work for us.

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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