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Become a Resident of Washington, DC and Lose Your Voting Rights

Dear Supporter,

There are 672,000 people who live in Washington, DC and they have no Senator or voting Representative. DC residents pay the highest taxes yet have no representation. The United States was founded on the principal of No Taxation without Representation and this is a blatant denial of rights available to all other US citizens.

Each year DC Statehood supporters have contacted this current President and others who have preceeded him to ask that DC Statehood be included in this crucial address before Congress and the nation. Imagine moving to Washington, DC for your dream job, only to lose your representation in Congress. President Obama can educate all Americans to the plight of the residents of Washington, DC by making a simple state, "I support Statehood for the residents of the District of Columbia!"

In 2014 President Obama made several statements supporting DC Statehood but at local events. Now it is time for him to tell the nation that he supports Statehood for Washington, DC.

Please use our Advocacy Alert to send an email directly to the White House and contact President Obama by email, Twitter and Facebook urging him to make this the capstone of his presidency in his last year in office.

DC residents support us on our issues by visiting Members of Congress, turning out for national events, etc. DC residents often help introduce the most progressive legislation on gun safety, reproductive rights, family leave, restoration of voting rights and legalization of marijuana. It's time for us to return the favor and support them in their quest for Statehood.

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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