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TPP Kills Jobs, Bad for the Environment, Ends Generic Drugs and Overturns Democracy

Dear Supporter,

While we lost the Fast Track fight we must win this one! On February 4th President Obama plans to sign the TPP which will signal that Congress will be asked to do an up or down vote with no amendments and very limited floor debate. There is a window of opportunity here to tell Congress to vote "No" on the TPP. The text is out and it is worse than we originally thought.

Here's the messsage that we wrote to send Congress; please feel free to just click and use this or you can edit the message and make it your own. Just make sure that your Senators and Representatives understand that you want them to say "No" to this bad trade deal. If your Senator or Representative has been outspoken about how bad this deal really is (Sanders, Brown, Ellison, Grayson, etc.) we thanked them for their leadership and Congressional activism.

"As an active voter in your district, I must strongly urge you to vote against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

We don't need more job-killing deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, the Korean Trade Deal, etc. I am 100% opposed to the TPP. Like all previous similar deals, the TPP would worsen our trade deficits, accelerate the loss of our manufacturing base, and create or increase other economic problems.

The TPP has 29 chapters, but only 4 even pertain to trade. The other 24 are designed to empower special interest multinational corporations to sue national, state, and local governments before special tribunals. This would undermine our rights as consumers, workers, and people who want to make our own decisions and drink clean water and safe food.

I know that millions of Americans were hurt by NAFTA and other previous deals. The TPP would be the worst deal of all. Please publicly confirm that you will stand with the American Constitution, our families and small businesses, and stand up against bad "trade" deals. Vote no on the TPP, TTIP, and all other efforts to sneak bad policies into force. Also, please use your tremendous influence in the House to persuade your colleagues to join you voting no!?"

In the coming months we will be working with many other groups to define exactly what constitutes a good trade deal. Join us for our educational calls and check the Website for news of local actions.

Make your voice heard by emailing Congress! If you're on Facebook or Twitter, you can post your message on your Congress Member's page as well (email is private but social media is public). We've held this off since 2008; now it's time to kill this deal and not our jobs and democracy!

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

P.S. We also have an opportunity to tell the U.S. Trade Representative exactly how bad we think this trade deal will be for jobs. Our partners at Flush the TPP have put together a page that guides you through making a comment to the Trade Representative and they have even included a sample letter. Don't miss this opportunity to tell the folks who wrote the deal and the ones who will vote on it that we know this is job and democracy killer. Corporations win but the rest of us lose with the TPP!

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