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Voting must be secure and verifiable

Dear Supporter,

Elections of our governmental representatives using a secret ballot are a fundamental basis of our representative democracy and our democracy is already at risk of becoming corrupted by the use of insecure voting machines with no paper trail.

Internet voting is even less secure and can be hacked or manipulated by a knowledgeable person with a computer or other electronic device and an internet connection. Email your California Assembly Rep and tell them to say "No" to AB 887 (Internet Voting)!

According to former Secretary of State Debra Bowen,  "There is widely shared agreement among private and public computer security experts, including cyber security officials at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, that casting ballots over the Internet is not secure and cannot be made secure. Unlike other voting systems, Internet voting can be attacked by anyone, anywhere in the world who has a computer and an Internet connection. Large sophisticated corporations like Google and Citibank, both with enormous security resources, have been successfully hacked within the past three years and have had critical assets such as source code stolen. Source codes, as you are aware, are critical to the security and operation of voting systems. I have many technical concerns with the language of the bill. However, even if all of my technical concerns were addressed, I would remain strongly opposed to any measure that would permit an Internet voting system be used in any election in California."


Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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