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What Happened to Democracy, Fairness and Integrity?

Dear Supporter,

There are two dominant political parties in America; the Republican Party has shown a willingness to allow the American people to take a good, hard look at their candidates through a series of 12 prime time debates while the Democratic Party has chosen to hide their candidates from view. Whether you plan to support a Democratic, Republican or Independent Presidential candidate in 2016, every American has the right to look closely at the policies and ideas put forth by any candidate they are willing to consider.  Television debates make it possible for people throughout the country to learn about the men and women who hope to become President.

As the leader of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has chosen to allow only 6 Democratic debates and when requested refused to schedule more. Many of the debates were scheduled at a time when television viewership would be at its lowest (weekend before Christmas, competing with playoff games, etc.) This schedule was not only determined without the input of her board, but she also refused to hear concerns being voiced by her DNC membership at the recent national convention. There will always be a question of how many Presidential debates should occur; there will never be a question that the two leading parties should have the same number of debates.

Young people see these actions and then question the integrity and fairness of the entire Democratic Party and not just one individual. It is critical that the leadership of both parties ensure that their candidates receive equal time and do not appear to be favoring one candidate over another. Democracy is about letting the people choose.

Ms. Wasserman Schultz has demonstrated an inability to support democracy and fairness in elections.  It is apparent she feels compelled to force her personal candidate choice on the electorate.  It is time for her to resign her position as Chair of the DNC.


Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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