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Tell them to vote YES on AB 700

Dear Supporter,

On Thursday, AB 700, the California DISCLOSE Act (Gomez-Levine), passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee with amendments to prevent voters from being deceived about who's really paying for political ads.  AB 700 will be voted on by the full Assembly any day now! The integrity of our elections depends on voters not being deceived about who's trying to buy our votes, so email your Assembly member and share it with your friends now!

AB 700 will strike the biggest blow yet against the unlimited secret money unleashed by Citizens United by requiring that ballot measure ads and ads about candidates by outside groups clearly disclose their top three true funders — on the ads themselves.

The Assembly could vote any day now, so we must immediately tell them to vote "Yes" on AB 700.

Send an email directly to your Assembly Member asking them to vote "Yes" on AB 700!

Now is the best opportunity we have had to pass the California DISCLOSE Act. For your convenience, we have drafted the email; please feel free to add your own words.


Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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