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Donate and then Deliver a Letter to Congress

Dear Supporter,

Yesterday President Obama and ministers from 11 other nations signed the Trans Pacific Partnership; but it isn't law yet because Congress must ratify this monstrous corporate giveaway. Back in June of 2013 we were told we had no chance of stopping the TPP, but now it is 2016 and this is the last ditch effort to move it forward. Let's make this try fail and kill this bad trade deal forever.

If you care about the environment, food safety, affordable medicine or the ability for local government to pass laws that protect its citizens, we need you to help us fight this free trade deal! If you live on planet earth, this deal is bad for you!

We have been hosting webinars on how bad this deal really is since back in 2013; that wasn't free. We brought a staff person on board to work on this issue; that wasn't free and now we're going into the home stretch and we're going to need to do more work and that won't be free either. So we're going to ask you to do something that we rarely do. We're going to ask you to actually make a donation so that we can keep paying for the Webinar room, keep writing petitions and advocacy alerts and bring on organizers to make sure that we actually deliver the more than one million petition signatures to the Senators and Representatives in Congress. We need them to say "No" to the TPP when it comes up for a vote.

If you have joined us before on the weekly Sunday webinars, you've seen the great lineup of speakers. You know that we have a Powerpoint and record the calls and have a special folder where we keep everything organized.

Please donate generously to make it possible for us to continue our work. Working with the AFL-CIO we have developed a course on Globalization (think world wide corporate domination) and we deliver it on the Internet.

And lastly, are you willing to deliver the petition signatures to at least one of your Members of Congress (with the exception of folks who live in Washington, DC, everyone has three - but that's another issue)? If you are, then sign up here. Our allies and partners have been collecting signatures for a long time and we think the Members should know exactly what the voters in their district think about the Trans Pacific Partnership. Those signatures only make a difference if we deliver them with a letter saying why TPP is Betrayal.

I'll be personally delivering petition signatures on Capitol Hill; from February 15th through the 19th Members will be at home. Don't you think it would be a good idea to stop by and tell them what you and your neighbors think about them ending America as we know it, sending our jobs overseas in a race to the bottom to privatize everything. If you have never visited your Member of Congress before, that's fine. We will be hosting a "training" so that you will feel perfectly comfortable speaking your mind!

We would like nothing more than to have to buy more than 535 thumb drives (we won't kill any trees doing this) and personally visit every Member of Congress (we will say "Thank You" to those Members who have stood with us).

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

P.S. Our own Harriet Heywood, People Demanding Action Florida leader, is in the middle of the picture at the top. For all of us TPP Is Betrayal of all the things we work for every day. Our Sunday TPP calls will resume on the 14th.

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