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Donate and then Deliver a Letter to Congress

Dear Supporter,

Yesterday in New Zealand, President Obama and trade ministers from 11 other nations signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The good news: it isn't law yet because Congress has to ratify this monstrous corporate giveaway. That means we have a chance to stop it. In June of 2013 we were told passage of the TPP deal was inevitable—especially if the president was granted “Fast Track” trade authority, could negotiate it on his own, and Congress had only one option: an “up or down” vote. (No amendments; limited debate.)

He pushed to get fast track last year, but even as they voted for legislation to grease the wheels, members of Congress were skeptical about TPP itself, and began backpedaling amid the rising tide of citizen backlash. It’s 2016, so this is a last ditch effort by the president in his final months to move TPP forward. Let’s work together to make sure TPP doesn’t happen. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and the planet, to stop it cold.

If you care about the environment, food safety, affordable medicine and the right of local, state and national government to pass (and enforce) laws that protect their citizens, we need your help. If you live on planet earth, TPP is bad for you!

Since 2013 we have been hosting webinars with speakers who share different perspectives on just how bad this deal really is, and why. That wasn't free. We brought a staff person on board to expand our work on this issue; that wasn't free. Now we're entering the home stretch. The toughest fight is still ahead and the resources we need to fight it won't be free either.

So we're doing something that we rarely do: We're asking you to invest in this fight NOW. It’s hard to ask for money—believe me. But keeping the Webinar room and other tools up and running is our best chance to win. We need to keep writing petitions and advocacy alerts and bring on more organizers to deliver the 1 million+ petition signatures to Congress. Can we count on you?

We need both houses of Congress to say NO—once and for all—to the TPP when it comes up for a vote.

If you’ve ever joined us on the Sunday TPP webinars, you've seen the great lineup of speakers we recruit to inform, educate, and spur us to action. You’ve seen the PowerPoints we create every week, and you know that we record each call and keep everything organized in a special folder to make it easy for anyone to catch what they may have missed, or review and share information they found especially helpful.

Please, donate whatever you can to this fight, so we can finish what we started. Working with the AFL-CIO’s Common Sense Economics staff, we’ve adapted content from top labor economists to create an online course on Globalization that connects the dots between neoliberal economic policies, free trade, and threats to workers here at home.

Lastly, will you deliver petition signatures to your 2 Senators and House member (or at least one of them?) Our allies and partners have been collecting signatures for a long time and we think Congress should know exactly why their constituents consider the Trans-Pacific Partnership a betrayal of democracy—and exactly what’s at stake—especially in an election year.

I'll be personally delivering petition signatures on Capitol Hill; from February 15-19, Members of Congress will be at home. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to stop by and tell them what you and your neighbors think about them voting to sound the death knell on the America we know and love by sending our jobs overseas in a race to the bottom, and allowing mega-corporations to privatize everything. If you have never visited your Member of Congress before, that's fine. We will be hosting a "training" soon, to help you feel perfectly comfortable speaking your mind.

We would like nothing more than to have to buy 535 thumb drives (we won't kill any trees doing this) and personally hand one to every Member of Congress. And we’ll be sure to say "Thank You" to those who have stood with us!

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

P.S. Our own Harriet Heywood is in the middle of the picture at the top. For all of us TPP Is Betrayal of all the things we work for every day.

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