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Private Profit, Public Risk, No Congressional Oversight

Dear Supporter,

Chairman Shuster's proposal to privatize the Air Traffic Control system will dismantle a system that is already working. There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” This new privatization plan will leave Americans vulnerable to an organization controlled by the airline industry with no Congressional oversight. This new organization will be free to impose fees, raise rates, lower air traffic safety standards and basically do whatever they please and the American people will have no voice in the matter.

This isn't a new idea; it’s just a bad one. Time and time again, Congress has deemed removing the Air Traffic Control from the FAA a bad bet for the American people; today is no different. The Aviation, Innovation, Reform Reauthorization Act (AIRR) basically gives airlines control of a private entity and has created a carve-out that will mean CEOs fly for free, while middle class families pay ever-increasing costs to travel. America’s government works because our representatives are able to advocate for their constituents. What this proposal does is remove Congress from the table, and replaces representation with private interests. Indeed, instead of the reasonable Congressional oversight we currently have, this new organization gives twice as many seats on the board to airlines than any other group. Tell Congress “No!” We are sick and tired of seeing privatization of profit while we the public get stuck with the accountability.

Most important, we are talking about the skies over America. The AIRR Act is the wrong solution to the wrong problem; tell Congress to vote No on HR 441. This is a manufactured crisis brought on by Republicans in Congress, who instead should be working to restore stable funding and address the budget gaps created by sequestration. The air traffic control system isn't broken—indeed it is one of the safest in the world. Stability and efficiency can be improved by simply passing a long-term funding plan instead of creating a separate entity that leaves American travelers without a seat at the table.

This is a critical safety and security issue that impacts men, women and children. This is an issue that everyone understands. We recognize a terrible idea when we hear one; this is a terrible idea and your voters do not support this!

This is an election year; let's win this fight!

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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