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Join Mark Ruffalo for a live video session

Dear Supporter,

On THURSDAY, MARCH 3RD, people from all over California will participate in a statewide day of screenings for the game-changing film, Dear Governor Brown, to spread the word about the dangers of oil extraction. At 6:30PM PST, Mark Ruffalo will host a live video session with all hosts and attendees to discuss the film and how we can work together to advance the clean energy movement.

Won't you consider hosting a screening of an incredible film that I think will change the way you think about California’s role as a global climate leader. While our Governor, Jerry Brown, is an outspoken advocate for reducing emissions that contribute to climate change, he is simultaneously a big promoter of California’s oil and gas industry. The film, Dear Governor Brown, asks the critical question, can you really support both at the same time?

Produced by actor and activist, Mark Ruffalo, and directed by acclaimed filmmaker, Jon Bowermaster, the film exposes the public-health threats of extreme oil extraction in our Golden State. Through interviews with an array of concerned Californians (from scientists to farmers to everyday citizens), it highlights the very real dangers that extreme oil drilling has on our communities.

Hosting an event is simple. All you need is passion for a sane energy policy, a living room, a computer, and a willingness to connect with other fellow clean energy activists. Organizers will contact you and guide you through each step of the process.

This is a critical moment to mobilize your community and ask Gov. Brown: Is he going to protect the health and safety of Californians, or continue to cater to the oil industry?

Click here to host a screening of Dear Governor Brown on March 3rd and participate in a live video conference with Mark Ruffalo at 6:30PM PST.

People Demanding Action along with tens of thousands of other activists, are fighting hard to demand Governor Jerry Brown ban fracking and protect the health and future of our state from the dangers of extreme oil extraction practices. Together, we’ve gathered a million petition signatures, organized one of the largest statewide climate marches in history, and led countless community actions and protests. And still, Gov. Brown refuses to budge.

With California approving 300 new fracking wells every month, we simply cannot afford to wait any longer. That is exactly the point Dear Governor Brown drives home.

By hosting a screening party, you'll be taking tangible action to educate folks in your community and build the movement for a clean California -- free of the toxic methods of oil drilling that are threatening our water, health, and climate.

Yours in the fight for a clean energy future,

Russell Greene, President
Andrea Miller, Executive Director

P.S. Can't host a screening or attend one, please sign our Zero Climate Emissions Petition and become a citizen cosponsor of H Res 540. This resolution is special to us; several of our Board members authored the first draft.

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