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Create Jobs, Rebuild Infrastructure, Tax the Rich, Redirect Pentagon Spending

Dear Supporter,

President Obama has proposed a 2017 budget blueprint with modest increases in social spending, paid for by closing some corporate tax loopholes. But House Republicans are considering deep cuts and restrictions that would drastically weaken essential programs like Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP/food stamps; repeal Obamacare; cut taxes for the rich; and increase Pentagon spending.

Send Congress a Message: Vote for the People's Budget in March! Each year, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) offers an alternative budget resolution to the “austerity” budgets supported by the House Majority and Speaker Ryan. The People's Budget offers a solid blueprint to:

In 2015, the FY2016 CPC People's Budget received 96 votes in the House—a record number. If your House representative supported the People’s Budget last year, we have prepared a Thank You email, if not we ask for a yes vote this year!

There are more than 30 national organizations that support the FY 2017 People's Budget: American Federation of Teachers, American Friends Service Committee, Bend the Arc, Coalition on Human Needs, Daily Kos, Friends of the Earth, National Priorities Project, NETWORK Lobby, MoveOn.org, Peace Action, Progressive Congress and Social Security Works just to name a few.

Please email your House Member and ask them to support prosperity by voting for The People's Budget!

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

P.S. If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account, please use the Facebook and Twitter buttons on the Advocacy Alert to post a message directly on your Congress Member's account.

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