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Support Prosperity NOT Austerity; Invest in America

Dear Supporter,

Budgets are moral documents; every progressive issue and value is impacted by the Federal budget. Each year, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) offers an alternative budget resolution to the “austerity” budgets supported by the House Majority and Speaker Ryan. The People's Budget offers a solid blueprint to:

People Demanding Action is a member of The People's Budget Campaign; we are organizing and building support for the FY 2017 People's Budget; immediately after the vote we will begin organizing for the FY 2018 People's Budget and we want your input. Show your support and become a Citizen Cosponsor!

There are many organizations that support The People's Budget but organizational support is not enough; we need to bring this budget to the people through a series of local Town Halls, editorials and just plain conversations over coffee about what a budget that supports working people would do.

We are asking you to do two things: first, sign the petition and second, tell us what you are willing to do as a citizen cosponsor. We need people to help on social media sharing articles, join Twitter storms, visit Congressional offices and host Town Halls just to name a few.

The People's Budget Campaign Sponsors

Last week we held a Webinar where we walked supporters through the entire budget. You can get more information about The People's Budget and review the information shared in the Webinar from our Campaign page. We are publishing articles on Daily Kos, Common Dreams and The Huffington Post about the impact The People's Budget can have on our communities.

We, the people, deserve a budget that reflects our values!

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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