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Monday Evening March to Verizon Center

Dear Supporter,

It's crucial that we come together to support those standing up to bigotry and hatred, and welcome them outside the Verizon Center for shared learning through the Derech Eretz (Common Decency). We welcome your help in making this as powerful a demonstration as possible, showing moral clarity and opposing the hateful rhetoric and violence of Donald Trump.

Thousands of attendees will be peacefully and respectfully protesting Mr. Trump’s speech at the conference. Many will be standing up before he speaks and silently leaving the room. Others will be absenting themselves from his introduction as well. All will be joining together outside of the Verizon Center to share in learning about Derech Eretz (Common Decency). We believe Torah is our moral guide. There is no greater or more profound way to stand up to bigotry than to teach lessons of love, respect, and dignity. Our goal is not to disrupt the proceedings or to offend any of our fellow conference attendees. Our hope is to shine a moral light on the darkness that has enveloped Mr. Trump’s campaign.

Date:   Monday, March 21, 2016
Time:  4pm
Place: 5th and F Street, NW, Washington, DC

Donald Trump has terrified Americans across the political spectrum who recognize he is a threat to democracy. He’s been condemned for his refusal to disavow white supremacists, his willingness to threaten violence against the press and political opponents, his open racism towards Mexicans and Muslims, and his admiration for authoritarians abroad.

On Monday, we will come together against hate!

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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