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Do you stand with Wall Street or Main Street?

Dear Supporter,

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refuses to distance herself from Wall Street donors, yet claims she’ll be tough on them if elected president. She gave her first private speech to a Wall Street audience (Fidelity) three months after leaving the State Department in 2013. She went on to address the Carlyle Group, and two separate events for Goldman Sachs. Each event was “private” and reporters were barred from attending. What’s more, her speaking contracts explicitly forbade the recording or releasing of her remarks made at the events, even by sponsors.

Tax returns indicate she was paid about $225,000 per speaking engagement. Her refusal to publicly release the texts of these speeches begs the question—why are they secret? As a candidate for our nation’s highest office, Secretary Clinton’s thoughts on issues affecting the global economy are critical to understanding how she will approach difficult decisions while in office, and perhaps most importantly, what if anything she will do to avert another financial crisis brought on by Wall Street excesses. We urge Secretary Clinton: tell America where you stand. Sign the petition and ask Secretary Clinton to release the text!


Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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