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Let the People's Vote Be Final

Dear Supporter,

If you voted in the 2016 primary election, you expected your vote to count and your choice to matter. Then why are there superdelegates who vote after you vote? Is this really what democracy looks like? Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is the former Vice Chair of the DNC and she and I agree that the choice must be made by the people who vote.

"I want to talk to you about an important reform I believe the Democratic Party should make over the summer — getting rid of superdelegates in future presidential elections.

In my view, both as a superdelegate and a former DNC official, the nominee of our party should be decided by who earns the most votes, not party insiders, unelected officials, or the federal lobbyists that, somehow, have been given a vote in our nominating process.

We’ve seen a historic number of new voters and new activists join our political process in the past year, many of whom are rightly upset at how rigged our political system can seem at times. If we want to strengthen our democracy and our party, we must actually commit to progressive values and demand a process that is fair, transparent, and democratic.

It’s undeniably the right thing to do, which is why I’m asking:

Will you sign our petition today calling on the Democratic National Committee to amend the rules at the convention to end the undemocratic superdelegate process?

Many superdelegate defenders are quick to remind us that their elimination would not have changed the outcome of the presidential election. That is not the point.

The current system is designed to stand against grassroots activists and the will of the voters. Whether you are a Bernie Sanders supporter or a Hillary Clinton supporter, we should all agree that unelected party officials and lobbyists should not have a say in who the presidential nominee of our party is.

That should be left up to the voters.

If you agree, please add your name to our petition supporting an end to superdelegates today.

We can no longer afford to be silent about the reforms our party needs in the coming weeks and months. I hope you will stand with me today in building a stronger Democratic Party.


Tulsi Gabbard

Sign the petition if you agree, primaries express the will of the people not superdelegates. When was the last time you fought against voter suppression for superdelegates; probably never because they shouldn't exist.

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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