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Flint is not the only city in America with a drinking water crisis;
it is simply the first where it is no longer hidden

Dear Supporter,

Water pipes in some U.S. cities are as old as Ford's first Model T car. And too many are still made of lead. These aging pipes are dangerous, especially for our children. Now you can help fix that. Congress is debating the WATER Act (Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability Act) which would provide funding to keep our water and sewer systems up to date. We need your help to get it passed!

Residents of Flint were told this water was safe to drink

Tell your Representative to support the WATER Act and fix our aging water systems!

Lead pipes are hazardous to our health. Dangerous water systems hit low-income communities and communities of color -- including Flint, Michigan -- the hardest. To make matters worse, private companies are trying to profit from this! They want to buy up our water and then charge a fee to remove the chemicals and pollutants.

This is an outrage. But Congress has the chance to fix it. If we can convince our legislators to pass the WATER Act, we could devote the funding we need to solve this crisis!

Join People Demanding Action and our partners: Sign the petition and help fix our nation’s water system!

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