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Host a Birthday Party or Visit Congress

Dear Supporter,

On August 14th, Social Security turns 81 years old. For 81 years, through good times and bad, Social Security has been there for America’s seniors. And over the years, Social Security’s modest benefits have been expanded to include veterans, people with disabilities, children and surviving spouses.

Social Security is one of our nation's most successful government programs, keeping over 20 million Americans out of poverty every year.

In August we are hosting two types of events that will raise awareness around the importance of Social Security and the fact that we need to expand it.

Who doesn't love a birthday party? To help make your party a success we will not only invite people that are in your area but we will also buy the cake and ice cream for your party.To see if there's a party in your state, check out the map above. If there isn't a birthday party, please consider hosting one.

A number of bills have been introduced in Congress this session that expand Social Security guaranteeing that it will continue to pay benefits not only for our generation but for future generations to come. Would you be willing to print out a letter, sign it and then take it to either your Senator(s) or Representative and ask them to support expanding Social Security? You can use this link to download a letter for your Senator(s) or Representative (letters are at the bottom of the page) and let us know that you plan to deliver a letter to Congress.

This August help us celebrate all the wonderful things that Social Security has done and will continue to do.


Andrea Miller
Executive Director

P.S.  Can't host a Social Security Birthday party or visit Congress, please consider making a donation to help us buy birthday cakes and raise awareness about Social Security.


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