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Tell Your Senators to Cosponsor SJ Res 39 - Disapproval of $1.15 Bn in New Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia
We Can Stop This Sale!

Dear Supporter,

Activists are calling on their Senators to Block the Saudi Arms Weapons Sale and we need you to email your Senators and take the next step, make a phone call on us. On Tuesday our team visited 60 Senate offices, and frankly we didn't hear a single phone ring. Now all the Senate offices were talking about the Saudi Arms deal (and the military industrial complex lobbyists were talking to them), but our voices were notably silent. This must change!

When millions of Americans call their elected representatives, demanding accountability, the world is a better place.

When your Senator cosponsors resolution SJ Res 39 to block a $1.15 billion Saudi Arabia arms deal,  peace prevails!

The Saudi Arabian government continues its relentless airstrikes against Yemeni civilians, hitting schools, hospitals, markets, neighborhoods and factories. The United States cannot continue to support and enable this catastrophic destruction in Yemen.

The most effective way to demand action is:

1) Call your Senators today, this weekend or Monday

2) Tell Them You are a Constituent (give them your address)

3) From now on, call them regularly

The US Senate will be voting on a $1.15 billion Saudi arms deal possibly as early as next week. First let's email our Senators and urge them to cosponsor the resolution. Then using the tool that we provided for you to send the email, take the next huge step and make the phone call (it's fine if you get an answering machine, just leave a message). It is so important that you make the phone call, that we are willing to pay for you to call (just click the little phone symbol on the page and put in your phone number; we will call you and then connect you to your Senators).

It's EASY to call your Senator:

We encourage you to be an active citizen demanding action of your elected representatives. Call your Senators; they want to hear from you!

One phone call is equal to 10 emails; these calls are so important that we will actually pay for the call. You can do this- together we will demand peace!

Listen to Marco Werman, of PRI's The World, interview a 10-year-old Yemen girl asking the American people to demand the US government stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

Introducing 2 Calls A Week

Would you be willing to make 2 Calls A Week on issues related to Economic, Social and Environmental Justice?

In the coming months we will be emailing you with opportunities to call your elected officials demanding action on progressive issues.

Would you be willing to pay $25 to fund a team of lobbyists in DC that make it easy for you, and millions of fellow Americans, to call your elected officials demanding action on a progressive agenda. Together we will demand economic, social and environmental justice.

Ask Your Friends "Would you be willing to make 2 Calls A Week to demand action on a progressive agenda?"

We promise to make civic engagement simple, easy and most of all effective!

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

P.S. We invested in patch through calling because many of our members on fixed incomes don't have unlimited calling and some don't have long distance. If you are able, please help us fund our 2 calls a week initiative to empower activists to have more direct contact with Congress.

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